Silverback Lifestyle Range



  • One Piece body sheet eliminates collection points for grass and debris
  • Unique ‘clean-top’ design makes cleaning a breeze
  • 3-degree ‘centre-to-front/back’ slope adds to the ease of keeping debris and water off
  • Full length profiled side plates adds strength to the slasher body
  • Hot–dip-galvanized body keeps your slasher in good order for many years of service
  • All models use a strong pivoting headstock and chain backstays as standard
  • A mini tower is used on the SB-100,  designed specifically for the compact tractors
  • A double plate mounting face is hidden in the body for a strong headstock mounting point
  • Clevis headstock mounting brackets allows the tower leg to pivot between two uprights eliminating strain on the mounting bolt
  • The pivoting Headstock and chain backstays allows the slasher to follow the ground contour
  • Central, Left or Right offset Headstock positions have been designed into the body
  • Chain links are welded to a heavy duty steel bar make for simple yet super strong front Chain curtain
  • The fabricated Chain curtains are bolted to the body and add strength to the leading edge
  • This fabricated chain curtain allows for simple repairs if damaged
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Rubber panels are bolted to the rear body panel as standard
  • A large 200mm radius both front and rear helps the slasher ride over irregularities on the ground
  • Skids are reversible for longer life
  • Skids are adjustable and give the slasher three different cutting heights
  • Unique Skid adjustment plates give the skid’s cutting height a positive lock
  • Skid Adjusting Plates add extra strength and support to the already strong skids
  • Rear Chain curtain in lieu of rubber


Specifications Models
SB-100 SB-120 SB-150 SB-180
Body Plate thickness (mm) 4 4 4 6
Total width (mm) 1240 1240 1540 1840
Cutting width (mm) 1100 1100 1400 1700
Total weight (kg) 190 200 275 380
Gearbox hp/(kw) 40/(30) 40/(30) 40/(30) 50/(37)
Drive Shaft Series S4 S4 S4 S4
Clutch Diameter (mm) 150 150 150 150 (Blue Torque)
Tip Speed ft/min/(m/s) 12,000 (61) 12.000 (61) 15,500 (79) 19,000 (96)